Symposium, Thursday September 14th 2017

“The Neural Basis of Social Valuation”

On september 14th, Dr. Marijn van Wingerden and the team of the Social Rodent Lab ( have presented their work as funded by the Volkswagen Foundation "Freigeist" initiative. Their presentations revolved around novel approaches in measuring, manipulating and recording the processing of social value: encompassing the value of social interaction, the value of providing for others and the value of social communication.

These presentations were complemented by three talks given by leading experts in the field of social behavior in animals.  The detailed program can be found below and downloaded here.

We were very proud to present this exciting mix of topics in the wonderful Schloss Mickeln of the Heinrich-Heine University. The presentations by the experts and the lab members sparked lively discussions and new ideas. We thank speakers, organizers, experts and other guests for their participation!

Programme Freigeist Symposium Sept. 14th, 2017, Duesseldorf