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Dr. Marijn van Wingerden, PI

Current position: Assistant Professor, Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence, Tilburg University

Marijn van Wingerden (1978, the Netherlands) is the PI of the Social Rodent Lab at the Heinrich Heine University of Duesseldorf. He studied Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam before this was a formal study path, combining his interest in the workings of the mind and the brain.

A subsequent PhD project in the Cognitive & Systems Neuroscience group supervised by Prof. Dr. Cyriel Pennartz at the University of Amsterdam (NeuroTree) involved the concurrent recording of single unit and network activity from behaving rodents, combined with local pharmacological manipulation and resulted in a doctoral degree cum laude (the highest distinction awarded in the Netherlands).

From 2011-2014, Dr. van Wingerden was a postdoc in the Comparative Psychology Lab headed by Prof. Dr. Tobias Kalenscher, investigating rodent models of economic decision making. In 2014, he was awarded a Freigeist Fellowship from the Volkswagen Foundation, to start his own lab in 2015

Douman Seidisarouei

PhD student

Douman Seidarouei, MSc.

Douman Seidisarouei joined the lab in 2017 as Research Assistant and transitioned to a PhD position in 2018. He is working on the tradeoff between social and non-social rewards, and the role of ultrasonic vocalisations.


Lab Alumni


Dr. Sander van Gurp

Dr. van Gurp completed his PhD in pavlovian reinforcement learning driven by vicarious social rewards in 2021.

Sander van Gurp completed a bachelor degree in psychology at the Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Subsequently, he enrolled in the two year Neuroscience program at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, where he performed a research internship on the role of the cerebellum in sensorimotor integration.


Mireille van Berkel

PhD Student

Ms. Mireille van Berkel, MSc.

Mireille van Berkel completed a BSc. in Psychology and a Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience both at Maastricht University. As part of the former, she embarked on a semester abroad at Sydney University. As part of the latter, she performed a research internship at the University of Oxford, during which she explored the neuropharmacology of a novel lithium mimetic.

She started her PhD in the Social Rodent Lab in 2016 and left in 2018.

Sami Hamdan

Research Assistant (SHK)



Sami Hamdan is working towards his BSc. in Psychology at Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf. He has been with the Lab since 2016.

Jochen Hoog

Research Assistant (SHK)



Jochen Hoog is working towards his BSc. in Psychology at Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf. He has been with the Lab since 2016.

Alina Baldauf

Research Assistant (SHK)



Alina Baldauf is working towards her BSc. in Psychology at Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf. She has been with the Lab since 2017.

Lab Alumni


Linus Roepert, BSc.

Mareike Heller, MSc.

Boateng Asamoah, MSc.